Wedding and Honeymoons in St. Thomas, USVI

- The Perfect Caribbean Wedding Location and Honeymoon Destination

If you're recently engaged and starting to plan the perfect wedding and honeymoon, don't overlook one of the most important wedding considerations - location! Having your wedding in an exotic romantic location can make it even more memorable.

If you want a tropical, wedding location with sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, then the Caribbean is the destination to consider. It's close, there's lots of direct flights, the weather is warm year round and it lends itself to a relaxed, hassle free wedding.

Choosing to get married in the Caribbean has become a popular wedding choice. Top Caribbean wedding destinations include Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and St. Thomas. Especially for Americans, the logical Caribbean choice is island of St. Thomas in the U. S. Virgin Islands. As a U.S. Territory, St. Thomas operates under the laws of the United States Government, so your wedding will be as hassle-free as a wedding anywhere in the mainland U.S.

Getting married in St. Thomas is easy, the documentation is just $100. ($50. application fee & $50. license fee). The paper work can be done in advance with a downloadable Marriage License application form, then mailed to the Superior Court in St. Thomas, together with a $100. Certified Check or money order.

An advantage of a Caribbean island wedding location is the option of renting a private vacation villa in St. Thomas to enjoy the ultimate, romantic and luxurious wedding and honeymoon setting. Private villa rentals offer many advantages over hotel accommodation: firstly, it's a luxurious private residence, so you can have the space and privacy that no hotel can offer. Villa rentals are usually large with several bedrooms and private swimming pools, etc. so

The most romantic and luxurious honeymoon villa resort - Caribbean Destination Weddings

For example, the Sand Dollar Estate villa, the ultimate luxury vacation villa rental in St. Thomas, has 8 bedrooms plus a separate 2,000 sq. ft. romantic guest cottage - the perfect honeymoon accommodation. It's all set on an exceptional 2.5 acre estate with its own private white sand beach on Magen's Bay. In total, the villa estate can accommodate 22 people, making it both the perfect Caribbean wedding location and honeymoon destination.

Picture saying your wedding vows on a private white sand beach against the backdrop of a spectacular villa right out of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. No need to worry about wedding decorations, wedding cake, and flowers - everything can be taken care of by our experienced wedding planner to make your wedding as simple or as elaborate as you desire.

Get relaxed before the big day in the private swimming pool or with a luxurious massage from our staff therapist or an invigorating workout with our trainer or instructor, it is not only rewarding but therapeutic. Invite members of the wedding party to indulge and unwind.

Combining a wedding and honeymoon in a tropical location is a combo that makes for unforgettable, romantic memories. Your honeymoon starts immediately after the ceremony and wedding toasts, not after a tiring day of airport security, airport transfers, and connecting flights. What a relaxing and no-stress way to start a marriage!

Sand Dollar is the perfect location for a Destination Wedding in the Caribbean. Contact us to discuss how you can have the perfect wedding in the perfect location.

For more information on planning your destination wedding at Sand Dollar Estate Villa, visit our detailed Caribbean wedding planning site.

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